How do I get rid of the XML data in my Thank You page URL?

Imnica Mail lets you display your own thank you page when someone subscribes to your list. When you set that up, it sends data to your Thank You page that appears as XML data in your page's URL.

You may not want to let you subscribers see this data, to remove the XML data from the URL you can check the box "Disable XML In URL" in your list settings or you can follow these steps:

1. Open up Notepad (or TextEdit, if you're on a Mac)


2. Copy and paste this line in the file:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=''">


3. Replace with the actual URL of your Thank You page

4. Save this file as "redirect.html" and upload it to your server.

You can also download the file attached to this article, edit it in Notepad (or TextEdit on Mac). Just make sure you change the URL to your thank you page URL before you upload the file to your server.

In your List Settings, set the Thank You page URL to this redirect.html (make sure you enter the full URL to this file).

Now, subscribers would be redirected to this file, which would then redirect them to the thank you page, without any data in the URL>.


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