How Do I Add a Name Field to the Subscription Form?

This is a guide to add a name field to the subscription form.




Step 1

Select "Custom Fields".




Step 2

Select the "Create New Custom Field" tab.



 Step 3

1. Fill in the field with the name (example : Name).

2. This text would be display in the text box area.

3. Set the validation section so that your subscribers must use letter or numbers or letters & number etc.

4. The visibility of the field value in the text area can be set so that your subscribers can see the "First Name" text.

5. Check the box if you subscribers have to fill in the field.

6. Click on the "Create Custom Field" button.


Step 4

Click on the "Create Subscription/Unsubscription Form" button.





Step 5

1. Select the "Options" tab.



Step 6

1. Select all the lists to which your subscribers would be subscribe to.

2. Select the custom field 

3.Click the "Apply Settings" button.

4. Click on the "Layout & Preview" tab.




Step 7

1. The First Name field can be dragged above the Email Address field if preferred that way.

2. Click on the "HTML Code" tab.



Step 8

Copy and paste the html code to your website and customize the html code as you want but you must not change the action of the form or the name of form elements.




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    Thanks for the tutorial. But how do you edit the rest of the subscription form? I don't want that heading on my website, and I also want to edit the Subscribe button.

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    Yes , but  I do not want to add an e-mail in my website , i want to add it in one of my lists 

    thank you for your answer



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    Raymond Dwyer

    Hi Javier,

    To add a email address to one of your list follow these steps.

    The exact list import procedure is below:

    1. Create the list inside Imnica Mail into which you would like to import your leads.
    2. Create all the required custom fields for the fields you want imported.
    3. Go to support, and open a new ticket.
    4. Select > Imnica Mail - List Imports
    5. Click the next button
    6. Fill in all the fields
    7. Attach the CSV export of your list to the new ticket
    8. Submit the new ticket

    Please follow the above steps for each list you would like to import.

    It takes around 48 hours, as we need to check the list for quality and authenticity.

    We do not allow customers to import themselves, as we do not send out an opt-in confirmation email, thus, we need to ensure only quality, NON purchased lists are imported.

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    Howard Lee Harkness

    Ah, I see this is the actual answer to another item that I just commented on. I got the impression that it was not possible to import a list from another source, and I see that you can do so with a support ticket.

    I actually did figure out how to add a custom field, but I ended up having to manually edit the result because I wanted the name to appear first, before the email address. You need to make this easier. I would suggest a list of option checkboxes to reduce this from 10 steps to 3 or 4.

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    Sagar Mehta

    Hi Howard,

    You can change the order of the fields by simply clicking and dragging the field you want to move on the 'Layout & Preview' page in the screenshots.

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