Send An Email Automatically When Your Subscriber Clicks A Link

In this article, we will discuss how you can set up an autoresponder email to trigger on link click - that is, the email would be sent to the subscriber who clicks a particular link.

You can use this feature in different ways:

  • If you send a campaign where your subscriber had to go to a product page, you can thank them for taking the time to check out the offer
  • If your subscriber clicked a link to check out a product, you can email them with a link to another related product
  • If your subscriber clicked a link to your blog, you can email them with a link to a special report only for your blog readers


To setup an email that is triggered when someone clicks a particular link, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Lists tab, and click on your list's name


  2. Click on Autoresponders on the menu on the left


  3. Click the Create New Auto Responder link


  4. Enter a name for your email for your reference. From the "Triggers on" dropdown, select 'Link Click' and enter the URL that the person would click to get this email. Also, select when the email needs to be sent. Click the 'Create Auto Responder And Edit Email' button.

  5. You can now choose to create your email using an existing template, or a from scratch. Once you've done that, simply save your email.


To actually trigger this email, all you would need to do is insert the link you just entered in step #4 above.

Create a new campaign or autoresponder email, and insert the link like this:

  1. In the HTML editor, select the text you want to use as the text for the link. Note that this would only work with HTML emails because clicks on links are only tracked in HTML emails.

  2. Click the chain link icon at the top and enter the exact same URL in the 'Link URL' field as you entered in Step #4 above and click on Insert.

Now, when you send out this campaign, any subscriber who clicks that link would be tracked by the system and they would get the autoresponder you created automatically.

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    Alex Soler

    This feature is very useful, but I would like to actually MOVE that user to the new autoresponder. I mean, is there a way of preventing this user to get the next emails in the first autoresponder once he clicks in the link?

    Basically, what I want is:

    The first autoresponder has 4 emails, all of them giving them the link to Page X. If user clicks the link on the first email, I don't want him/her to receive any further emails. I want him/her to move to the new autoresponder.

    Is that possible?





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    Raymond Dwyer

    Hi Alex,

    We have responded to your ticket.

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    Hi there, I am putting together a campaign, where I need to move the subscriber to the new list, just as above. Is there any way, it can be demonstrated? That will stop remaining unnecessary emails being drip-fed to the subscriber..after clicking a link.

    Please assist.

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    Raymond Dwyer

    Hi Shekhar,

    Please see our tutorial on how to move subscribers to a different list :

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