Creating A Gender Custom Field

You can collect your subscriber's gender by creating a gender custom field for your Subscription Form.


Here's how to create a gender custom field:


1. Click on the "List" tab



2. Select your list



3. Click on "Custom Fields"



4. Click on "Create New Custom Field"



5.1 Give your custom field a name, example: Gender

5.2 Click on the "Type" dropdown box and select "Multiple choice"


6. Under the "Choices" section, click on the + sign to add another "Label" & "Value" box

6.1 Insert the name of the first "Label" and "Value", example "Male"

6.2 Insert the name of the second "Label" and "Value", example "Female"

6.3 You can make this mandatory for subscriber by checking this box

6.4 Click on "Create Custom Field"


Your Gender custom field has been created, now when you create your subscription form you can add the field to your subscription form to collect your subscribers Gender.

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