Creating A US State Segment

Let’s say you collected the US State where your subscriber resides in at signup and you would like to send a promotion to only that subscribers that lives in a specific State, for this you can create a segment and send the promotion to only subscribers that live in a specific Us State.

Note: To collect the US State where your subscriber lives in, you need to create a US States Custom Field for your Subscription Form.

Here’s how to create a segment for a specific US State :


1. Click on the "lists" tab.


 2. Select your list.


3. Click on "Segments"


4. Click on "Create segment"


5.1 Give your segment a name corresponding with the US State, example "Pennsylvania Subscribers".

5.2 Click on the Add new rule dropdown box and select the "US States" custom field.


6.1  From the Segment rule, select the US State of choice.

6.2 Click on “Create Segment”


Now you can send a campaign to only subscribers that lives in the specific US State by selecting the segment when you create your campaign.

You can create a segment for each US State.

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