Creating A US State Segment

Let’s say you collected the US State where your subscriber resides in at signup and you would like to send a promotion to only that subscribers that lives in a specific State, for this you can create a segment and send the promotion to only subscribers that live in a specific Us State.

Note: To collect the US State where your subscriber lives in, you need to create a US States Custom Field for your Subscription Form.

Here’s how to create a segment for a specific US State :


1. Click on "Segments"



2. Click on "Create segment"




3.1 Give your segment a name corresponding with the US State

3.2 Select the list/lists which the segment should apply to.

3.3 Choose "All rules"

3.4 Select "Match by : Field"

3.5 Select "Match by : U.S States"

3.6 Select the State 

3.7 Save your segment



Now you can send a campaign to only subscribers that lives in the specific US State by selecting the segment when you create your campaign.

You can create a segment for each US State.

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